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Trademark Registration Services - in Delhi India

Trademark, is a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. Whether you have already established a business or on the edge of starting, registration of trademark is must. Find out some of the most obvious benefits of trademark registration:

A Trademark is a graphic form of a visual symbol which represents a business brand and distinguishes the identity with other merchants. It may be in the form of a logo, signature, name, label, word, letters, numerals, shapes etc. Trademark symbolize the identity of the business so company decides it after making research to make the trademark unique and attractive. Though trademark is not compulsory by the law or government, Yet It symbolises the brand, identity & Quality of a firm.

By filing a trademark application with Indian Trademark Registry, you can protect your trademark. Aakash Garg & Co. makes it easy for anyone to file for Trademark application. For more details, contact us

Business name, product name, brand name, logo or slogan can be trademarked.

Trademark search is done to check if the name to be registered is already taken by others or is closely similar to existing trademarks in trademark database. Proper trademark search is important in trademark registration process.

Government Fees for each trademark application is Rs. 4,500, Aakash Garg & Co. trademark consultant fees is Rs. 1500.

Firstly detailed trademark check is conducted, after that one page authority letter is signed by the owner, then the Consultant files the application with the trademark registry.

Trademark is supposed to be an asset of a company. So a trademark similar to other organization will not be registered. So it should not be similar or copied from other companies. Apart from this, a trademark which is illusory, offensive, identical, containing prohibited elements etc. can not be registered by the Law.

You can use (TM) mark as soon as the Trademark application is filed and you receive acknowledgement receipt. (R) mark can be used once it is registered.

Every 10 years the trademark to be renewed.

Being a significant asset, it needs to be registered to restrict the other business owners to use your own business identity. It protects the company rights or Investments which it had invested in a Brand or Logo. An example can be highlighted with the help of giant companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola belonging to same industry yet signifying separate brand. Likewise, we can find numerous examples of live companies bearing trademark as a brand like Sony, Samsung etc. Trademark, as a business identity, distinguish a company with other companies a brand. Once registered, company get recognition by trademark, along with the business name. Trademark serves a badge, brand, quality, loyalty, goodwill.

Registering a trademark does not involve complicated procedures, just to follow the simple procedure. Trademark is registered under the trademark act, 1999 by the controller general of patents design and trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India to sue the other traders in case of infringements of company trademarks.

Any individual, partnership firm, proprietor, company, a legal entity can apply for the registration of the trademark and can use symbol 'TM' till the registration is approved. Once trademark gets registered, the company may start using ® after getting certification. The whole process may take up to 18-24 months. Registered trademark is valid for 10 years which needs to be renewed later. A trademark is a guarantee of service, products, quality, and advertisement. So should be taken care of misusing the same.

To file a trademark application, one need to attach the following papers:-

  • Trademark or logo copy,
  • Company details
  • Applicant details - Name, address proof, Nationality proof
  • Products or services which are to be registered
  • A signed copy of the Power of attorney on a 100Rs. Stamp Paper
  • First date of using the trademark before getting or applying for registration
The company may execute the work on its own or through legal representative owned by the company. It may also delegate the work to some experienced consulting firm having expertise in Registration work.

Trademark is the visual form which is usually taken as Logo of a Company. A logo is designed through a Graphic Designer or any Photoshop maker but one should follow the strict guidelines before designing a logo. A company must carry a research through trademark agent to verify the similarity of the trademark. These agents check the trademark office to ensure the credibility of the trademark or never registered by some other company. This verification can be done through any mode I.e., online verification & offline verification. One may adopt both the procedures to double ensure the accuracy and uniqueness.

Once trademark verified through reliable resources, Company may work further. In the case of duplicity, it needs to get it re-design again and will have to conduct the same research again till exclusive trademark found. Once uniqueness achieved, Company or representative must require drafting an application along with the necessary documents. After filing an application, the company may use '™' till the approval received.

Once the application reached to Trademark office, they will check the data to avoid duplicity. In the case of duplicate application, last application can be rejected. Otherwise, the mentioned trademark will be published in Trademarks Journal for 4 months to check any voice raised against the said trademark. If anyone creates objection, Trademark will go for hearings till the issue get resolved. Once all the clarifications received from legal sides, Trademark will be sent for registration and will be approved within 6 months. Application status can be checked online through application number assigned to the trademark owner.

Trademark being an intellectual property and intangible asset holds an important place in business for at least 10 years which is to be renewed after 10 years. A company may renew the same trademark or can apply for the new trademark while following the same process mentioned above.

Trademark registering firms usually have their qualified staff who adhere the whole process responsibilities on behalf of the company with a certain amount of consulting fee or charges. Hearing charges, reply charges (in a case of opposition filed), may be separate apart from the trademark registration charges. Opt for the experienced legal representative or trademark consulting firm to handle the whole registration process till approval.

Benefits of trademark registration:
  • A registered trade mark serve you with an authority to take legal action against anyone who is using it deliberately or unintentionally without your consent
  • A registered trade mark is alike to your property, you can sell it, franchise it or even issue license for others to use it
  • Trademark if registered provide legal shield to your brand by enabling preventing others from trading
  • A registered trademark make your brand, name, recognition and goodwill populous among audience
  • A registered trademark help you win a head over competition among competitors

Our trademark registration services include:
  • Comprehensive trademark search
  • Facilitate easy registration
  • Trademark filing & registration
  • Legal rights and better protection of your mark
  • Preparation of trademark renewal
  • Post-renewal proceedings
To know more, call to our trademark specialists now!
  • Identity proof of Trademark owner
  • Authorization letter just of one page
  • Soft copy of Logo (also can be applied without logo)
  • Can use (TM) symbol in a single day
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