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Tax and Regulatory

We assurance to guide you for all your taxation requisites with highly experienced & seasoned tax consultants having in-depth knowledge of Indian and international tax laws

As a chartered accountancy firm, we aim at guiding you throughout your tax compliances. Taxation is a specialized area and requires great skill and accuracy. Our experts have the essential knowledge to carry out tax planning, administration, documentation and representation.

Domestic Taxation In the monarchy of taxation services we are catering to large multinational enterprises and domestic business houses. Our focus is on developing as well as planning compliance tools and tactics that compliment your business. Our team is also expert in handling assessment and representations.

  • Direct Tax: With tax laws progressing each day, it is crucial for businesses to be familiar with timely compliance challenges that may pose a threat and lead to penalties and prosecution. A tax competent structure for the businesses will release burden from entity's shoulders and thereby ensure pertinent compliances. Our service portfolio includes advisory and compliance services w.r.t. income tax, advance tax, tax deducted at source and wealth tax.
    1. Corporate Tax: Corporate tax is a tax levied on profits earned by various entities. Companies registered under Companies Act or any other act for the time being in force are obligated to pay such tax at a rate specified by Income Tax Act. We help organizations in corporate tax returns filing, guiding on tax planning opportunities, tax compliances, opinions and representations. We also provide opinion on complex tax issues and help in review of tax strategy vis-a-vis business strategy.
    2. Personal Tax: Apart from tax paid on business earnings, tax paid on one's personal income is termed as personal tax. We manage tax computation for tax withholding, advance tax and tax filings. Our team is proficient in representations before revenue authorities. In our NRI desk, we also provide assistance in obtaining various registrations for non-residents such as registration with foreign regional registration office (FRRO), permanent account number (PAN) etc.
  • Indirect Tax: To curtail indirect taxation incidence and risk of assessments, significant tax and compliance strategy is essential to be designed, which in turn needs appropriate professional guidance and assistance. We provide support in obtaining Goods and Services Tax (GST) registrations, returns, refunds, opinions, representations, annual and transitional compliances. We also render services relating to service tax, customs, luxury tax, excise duties, etc. To know more about GST, click here.
  • Tax assessment, representation and litigations: Examination of tax returns by a tax department, if it has any reason to believe that the information furnished by the assessee is incomplete or incorrect is considered for scrutiny assessment. A notice is issued in this respect in the name of assessee and is expected to take action as per the directions by the tax department. We can help you for:
    1. Income tax scrutiny assessment
    2. Income tax appeal matters and litigations
    3. Transfer pricing assessment and litigations
    4. Excise assessment and litigations
    5. Representation before company law board, registrar of companies and regional director
    6. Representation before Reserve Bank of India (RBI) / Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  • International Taxation Several multinational enterprises have entered the boundaries of India resulting in colossal influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) in India. Also, since the advent of liberalization, Indian entities have made overseas direct investment in diversified countries to capture worldwide opportunities. We provide advisory services for corporate structuring and planning, Double tax relief and tax treaties interpretation, outbound and inbound investments, compliance related to foreign transmittals, transfer pricing and representation in assessments.
  • Transfer pricing: The price paid for transfer of goods or services from one entity to another situated in divergent countries with prescribed exceptions. Such value attached to goods or services transferred amongst related parties is termed as transfer pricing. We offer effective solutions to companies which undertake international transactions or specified domestic transactions with its associated enterprise or group companies. Our services include:
    1. Transfer pricing analysis and tax structuring
    2. Benchmarking analysis
    3. Preparation of transfer pricing documentation
    4. Issuance of Transfer Pricing Certificate
    5. Representation for transfer pricing assessments
  • Expat taxation: Tax is one of our specializations and if you are an expat with a financial question, we are here to assist you for the same. Our tax experts are expert in handling all the tax compliances for Expat taxation and have requisite experience in this domain.
  • Our colonial services experts advise you and your employees on tax related issues that come into existence as a result of employee mobility. Repatriation assistance for employees, tax compliances, tax return preparation, annual tax equalisation calculations, payroll processing services also form part of services provided by us.